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Listen To Your Mother (Original Essay)

What follows is the original essay I submitted 2-5-17 to the producers of LTYM-Raleigh/Durham. It was much longer than they could allow in the show and had too many similarities to another candidate's piece, so they asked me to condense and modify it a bit. I did so without hesitation to be part of their amazing program. I'll share the more polished version I read that night, but I wanted to share this one first as I think it offers (what I hope are) teaching moments that are particularly relevant right now.

Nine years ago on a rainy Friday afternoon in early March, I was at work training my replacement in an RTP office when I received a long-awaited surprise—a call from Wake County Human Services containing a life-altering question, which was in essence, “Are you ready for motherhood?”
A quick answer was required, so as soon as I hung up, I managed with jittery fingers to dial my husband at work. He’d already been contacted, and we were equally stunned, exhilarated …
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Pulling Out of China

It's been a long, difficult decision, and we haven't made it official yet, but we are planning to pull out of our China adoption process. Amazingly, the CCAA has reached May 18, 2006 in log-in-dates, which is just over a month away from our LID. I suspect that if we stayed in the program, we'd be matched with a child in another 6 months or so, which means we'd be traveling to pick up our third child within the next year. Considering we began this process in January '06 that now feels really soon, and ironically this is the main reason we're pulling out. It just doesn't feel like the best thing for our kids, who will only be 3 and 2 next year. Adding a 1-yr-old to the mix feels incredibly overwhelming.

I imagined having a big family, and when Caleb and Evan were born, we still intended to add a third. But what feels right these days - and what feels most sane - is to see our family as complete. I want to be a good mom. I work at it every day. I don't know…

Done and Done

cc is officially ours. Knew he was from the moment I laid eyes on him. So very, very happy it's finally done. Here is our beautiful boy, Caleb!

And here is baby sister, Evan.

This is the first time I've even opened my blog since that last post this summer. Crazy! No guarantees anymore I can keep this up. The only reason I can post right now is that Evan is actually sleeping WITHOUT ME!!! Almost never happens at night. She's actually going on two hours without me right now. AMAZING!

And speak of the devil...there she is! Gotta go!

Our Cutie Pies

Springtime Babies

Posting pix is all I have time for these days! Hope you enjoy...

(Note regarding a previous post: To go private, I have to enter the email addresses of everyone who wants to continue viewing the blog. Until I can find the time to do it I'm just going to upload pix of cc that preserve his identity in keeping with the foster care regulations. We are well on our way to adoption, but it could take quite a bit longer simply because of paperwork backlogs, and I would certainly not want to jeopardize anything. In the meantime if you haven't already let me know, please email me or post a comment if you'd like to maintain access to the blog. Thanks!)

Happy Girl
Strawberry Pickin'
Easter Bonnet
A Very Good Nana

One Year Ago Today...

The most amazing thing happened on this date one year ago - our son found his way to us. cc, we celebrate you today and every day. You are an incredible gift, and we love you with our whole hearts. Thank you for the immense joy you have brought to our lives just in your first year of life. We feel so lucky to be your parents, and we look forward to all that is to come for our family.

cc celebrated his first birthday last Tuesday, and we had a super fun party for him on Sunday. We had a birthday cake decorated with a puppy dog and balloons from Whole Foods that was beautiful and delicious, and we had 50 balloons that provided quite a bit of excitement for the kids. Those in attendance were all the little ones from his neighborhood play group, some of our dearest friends and their children, all the grands, several aunts and uncles, and cousins Savannah, Byers and Stacy. We took lots of pictures and video (who knows when it will all be downloaded and organized) and made some great …

She's Here!

Evan Rose arrived Tuesday, February 17, 2009, weighing 6 lbs. 14 oz. and measuring 19 3/4" long. Life is BUSY and beautiful. I will post more soon.